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Fully assembled (6-wide) Modified SPEED CHAMPIONS Ferrari 488 GT3 (75886) with the Delux Edition Conversion Kit applied.  Inspired by @prototyp_brickworks Exteneded Body Ferrari and featuring Chrome Rims by @ChromeBlockCity.  Only 5 of these cars built and one remains part of my personal collection.  Red extiror and Tan interior.  Includes:  Marcus Firegone Custom Designed Black Dash, Gold Chrome Rims, Christina Nielsen Minifig, Helmet, and Winners Cup Trophy.  Cost:  $20 for (now discontinued) set, $23 for 43 extra LEGO parts including Custom Black Dash, $19 Chrome Rims, $15 Build Design Fee, less $2 rebate for leftover parts. 

2018 Modified SPEED CHAMPIONS Ferrari 488 GT3 Delux Edition

  • This is a fully assembled 6-wide LEGO Car based on the LEGO SPEED CHAMPIONS (75886) set (185 pcs)

  • Payment is by PAYPAL.  I will issue you a PAYPAL invoice.  Pay within 1 week of invoice recite and I will notify you of shipping.

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